Ready for a castle challenge?

Takeshi's Castle Competition inspired by the famous Japanese program 
Participate in the competition and you may win the grand prize, which is a PlayStation 5 and other valuable prizes worth up to 300 Kuwaiti Dinars!

How to play in the competition:
You will take a ball and throw it at the castle table and the ball will hit the pillars and change your lane, and the last thing the ball will stop at the stands of the table on which the gifts are fixed and you will receive your gift from the competition!

Contest entry requirements:
1- Purchasing an invoice of 15 Kuwaiti dinars or higher, whether from the website, application or exhibition
 2- For those who submit requests for delivery, the application, and the website, they are required to bring the invoice and invitation card to participate in the competition
3- Each purchase entitles you to participate in the competition only once and it is not permissible to try again
4- The Contest Administrator has the right to exclude the contestant from the contest in the event of any fraud in the contest

Duration of the competition and campaign:
From 21/8/2021 to 9/15/2021

Contest ِaddress:
3RoodQ8 Shop - Symphony Style Complex - Salmiya