Car Seat Storage Box - Multi-Purpose Car Interior Organiser - Black

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Car Seat Storage Box - Multi-Purpose Car Interior Organiser

The new and improved Car iPocket 2.0 - Crevice Car Seat Storage Box is here to rescue you from falling messy things beneath your car seat! Guaranteed to provide a higher interior storage space. It has a universal design to fit most of the car seat gap and made out of pure leather material durable enough for everyday use. Aside from its dashing look, it contains an easy to reach cap holder plus a coin slot organizer. 

Crevice Car Seat Storage Box is an awesome upgrade from our Original Crevice Car Seat Storage Box which will provide a comfortable and safe riding experience.

Crevice Car Seat Storage Box can effectively use the car seat side of the gap space to receive all kinds of commonly used small objects, such as parking cards, mobile phones, data lines, CD, keys, coins, notes, etc.. The design is very meticulous, outside is smooth, did not affect the seats slide back and forth, internal to the rough surface of a non-slip effect.


Material: PU Leather
Package Size: 32cm x 10cm x 14cm (12.60in x 3.94in x 5.51in)

Easy to Install - Just insert the gap storage box the seat and console, available for a bigger gap Place phone, card, coin, money, key, cup and so on. The car seat organiser will save you countless time to keep important things up and running anytime and anywhere.




  • Creates Extra Storage available for storage such as smartphone, parking tickets, wallet, water cup etc
  • Novelty and unique appearance, solve disorder problem of your beloved car, prevent items dropping from seat gap.
  • Excellent Workmanship and Exquisite Looking - Made of superior PU leather, and stylish to your car interior
  • Suitable for most cars, no need complex installation, simply slide between seat pocket and console until you find a nice snug spot.
  • Prevent Small Items Drop into the Gap Fills the gap between console and car seat.