Sauces Injector,2 in 1 Needle Meat Tenderizer and Flavor Marinade Injector With 30 Ultra Sharp Stainless Steel Needle

KD 4.000
  • Brand: Other
  • Item: # 6889521856211
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  • This ingenious gadget allows you to safely tenderize and flavorize your meat at the same time.With its fast and flavorful results,our Flavor Enhancer is going to be your favorite flavor-adding tool in the kitchen!
  • The meat tenderization tool can break down the connective tissue of the meat,making the meat tender and easy to eat.
  • Try your meat tenderizer on any cut boneless meat,enjoy deeper and quicker penetration of marinades up to 40% reduced cooking time and even cooking throughout chicken and other meats with uneven thicknesses.
  • Suitable for most meats such as steak,lamb chops,pork loin,chicken breast beef,lamb,chicken,turkey,fish,round marinated marinade and infused meat.
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