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 2L Water Bottle with Straw Cute Sport Bottle
-40 %
Material: plastic; Large capacity: 1.8L. One-piece lid: the lid is one-piece design, easy to open and not easy to loseClear scale line: The body of the cup is engraved with a clear scale line, which makes it easy to grasp the amount of water replenishment and reasonably plan healthy drinking water.D..
KD 2.990 KD 5.000
 Baby Infant Toothbrush 2-6 Years
-34 %
EASY TO USE : Tekme U shape toothbrush for kids aids in cleaning teeth with fun characters to make lifelong healthy habits easier for your kids.360° WHOLE MOUTH CLEANING: 360˚ wide cleaning kids toothbrush head allows proper cleaning of baby's teeth without moving the wrist.INNOVATIVE U-SHAPED DESIG..
KD 1.990 KD 3.000
 Silica Gel Bath Body Towel Brush
-34 %
Functional cleansing towel brush-1cm brush head, which quickly foams and penetrates into pores, cleans dirt, exfoliates body cutin, and makes skin smoother and fresher.Double-sided handle-both ends are designed with handles, which are convenient and comfortable to hold and use.Suitable for all body ..
KD 1.990 KD 3.000
 Sport Water Bottle with Straws, 1L Leak-Proof Water Bottle 1000ml
-44 %
 MOTIVATIONAL QUOTE & TIME MARKER  This water bottle has a unique inspiring quote and time mark, which is very suitable for measuring your daily drinking water volume and reminding you to keep hydrated and drinking water throughout the day. It is essential to any fitness goal, includin..
KD 2.500 KD 4.500
 Wall Mount Mop Holder Broom Mop Holder (1Pcs)
-63 %
Broom holder is easy to use, please remove the layer of sticker protector paper before use.Broom holder wall mount is able to hold max 5kg,it is suitable for such as mop holder, broom holder, umbrella holder, kitchen utensil, etc.There is a non-slip mat in the middle of the broom organizer to ensure..
KD 0.750 KD 2.000
2 in 1 Dumpling Maker
-69 %
Main Features: Fast Make Dumplings · Put the dough on the dumpling machine, pull down the handle and press the dumpling skin. Put the dough on the surface, add your favorite fillings on the dough, then close the mold and press to seal a perfect packet. Ergonomics Design · Different from tr..
KD 1.250 KD 4.000
2 in 1 function: 1. phone grip 2. phone standExcess: 1. Super thin design. Doesn't make your cell phone thick & difficult to put in your trouser pocket 2. Can be installed on all types of Android and iPhone 3 phones. Super strong glue. Just stick it on the back of the cellphone 4. Equipped with ..
KD 0.500
2 PCS SET Car Door Corner Anti-collision Sticker Car Door Protection
-72 %
Features: 100% Brand new and high quality. Perfect protection for your car door. Anti-Scratch and Anti-Collision Specification: Material:PVC Installation Location:Car Door Size: 6 x 4.5 CM Quantity : One Pair(2pcs) Product Description: 1、The material of Black car doo..
KD 0.990 KD 3.500
2L Cartoon Gradient Cup Large Capacity Water Bottle
-31 %
Function: high temperature resistance (20°C~100°C)Color: green, purple, blue, pinkCapacity: 2000mlMaterial: PCstyle: cartoonApplicable places: office, car, outdoor, leisure bar..
KD 2.750 KD 4.000
3 in 1 Cleaning Set for Screen PC, Laptops, Monitors, Mobiles, LCD, LED, TV
-67 %
Best Quality 3 in 1 Cleaning Kit supplied with High quality clothes to clean your LCD LED neatly..Included soft, reusable microfiber cloths and keyboard brush wipes cleanly without scratching your sensitive electronics.Unique solution easily removes dirt, dust, and stubborn fingerprints.Perfect for ..
KD 1.000 KD 3.000
5 in 1 Keyboard Cleaning Brush Kit Soft Brush, Keyboard Dust Cleaner
-71 %
Cleaning Kit: Well-designed cleaning tools, With a simple key puller, the change of key cap is no longer laborious and the removal of key cap is cleaner and more thorough.SOVILEE Soft Brush:Moderate softness and hardness, three-row design with high pore strength, good elasticity, stiffness and compa..
KD 1.000 KD 3.500
5 In 1 Keyboard Cleaning Brush Kit Soft Brush, Keyboard Dust Cleaner - Black
-71 %
The design of the keyboard cleaner kit is very stylish. It adopts a straight-through handle, both ends are used for each purpose, and a brush is attached, which increases the practicability of the product.keyboard cleaner kit with soft brush is only half the size of a pencil. The design is very clev..
KD 1.000 KD 3.500
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