Zendure A1 Portable External Battery 3350mAh

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  • Brand: ZENDURE
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Zendure A1 mini Portable Charger

Meticulously designed, the A1 Portable Charger is our most compact and portable power bank.The A1-Series external battery from Zendure is the best answer to a busy life, keeping your phone charged wherever your travels take you--throughout the office, across campus, downtown or around the world.

Smarter Than It Looks

Zendure A1-Series battery allows you to charge the A1-Series from a power source while also using the A1-Series to charge another device. So at the end of a long day, you only need one power supply to recharge your phone and your A1-Series.

Ultra Compact

Zendure A1 mini is so slim and light just like a lipstick tube, you can easily put it in your pocket or handbag and you’ll forget it’s even there.

Tiny but Mighty

Add more than a full charge to an iPhone 6s, and A1 holds also enough charge to refuel most phones at least one time.

Convenience Counts

The compact, roll-resistant design means it goes with you anywhere and will stay in place when you put it down.

Long-Term Standby

A1-Series Portable Chargers hold up to 95% of their charge after six months without use, making them ideal emergency power supplies ready to hit the ground running.