Forever Lina Makeup Cleanser

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  • Item: # 03AA
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?? Features:

1) Deep cleansing: remove dirt, impurities and stubborn make-up

2) Versatile 3-zone cleansing brush

3) Adjustable sonic pulsation

4) Up to 6000 rpm vibration motor

5) Built-in USB rechargeable battery, there is no need to change battery

6) 100% Waterproof, safe to use in bathroom

7) Ergonomic design, elegant shape that fits into palm

8) Long lasting, ultra-soft silicone bristles head

9) Two-in-One, exfoliate and relaxing massage

10) Compact, portable, light-weight, ideal for travelling 11) Convenient and easy to use, anytime, anywhere


?? Benefits:

1) Clean face thoroughly, better than using hands

2) Exfoliate, brighten, rejuvenate, all benefits in one device

3) Suitable for all skin types

4) Promote healthy blood circulation, prevent puffy-face, facial swelling and black-eye

5) Skin firming: effectively dilute the expression lines and pseudo-wrinkles

6) Leave your skin cleaner, softer and fresher 7) Enhance natural glow and beautiful face from within