Nillkin Luminous Stone Wireless QI Night Light - Blue

Nillkin Luminous Stone Wireless QI Night Light - Blue

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Nillkin MC036 Luminous Stone Wireless Nightlight / Ambient Light - Qi, Micro USB port, 5V 0.2A

Inspired by the moon, the Nillkin Luminous Stone nightlight transforms your room into a cozy area with a calming atmosphere.

Its soft, ambient glow brings harmony to the environment, and the compact, unintrusive design doesn't interfere with the room's original layout. Place one or more Luminous Stones in your home, and make it your personal paradise.

- A simple and effective way to decorate your home
- The gentle light sets the mood in an area
- Compact design that fits virtually anywhere
- Can be charged wirelessly or through the MicroUSB port*

- Model: MC036
- Service life: 50000h
- USB port type: Micro USB
- Input: 5V 0.5A (max)
- Wireless charging standard: Qi
- Transmission distance: ≤6mm
- Size: 70x70x28mm