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WiWU - MagSafe Type-c Magnetic Cable Connector for MacBook


Product Description

  • WIWU MagSafe USB-C Power Connector X5 is a compact adapter with a magnetic mount and a USB-C connector. 
  • The accessory allows you to easily connect cables and chargers to the MacBook, and the maximum supported power reaches 87 watts.

Compactness and Convenience

  • WIWU MagSafe The USB-C Power Connector X5 has a length of only 25 mm and consists of two parts - an adapter and a magnetic head that can be left in the laptop. 
  • The parts are securely attached to each other by means of 20 miniature magnets, ensuring easy connection of the cable or charger.

Support Charge

  • WIWU MagSafe USB-C Power Connector X5 allows you to connect the charger and is able to give up to 87 watts of power, and the maximum current reaches 5 A. 
  • The adapter can be used with both a MacBook and any other gadgets that have a USB-C connector.