Live Streaming Accessories


Live Broadcast Equipment Microphone Kit set

KD 17.950

<font face="Arial" style="box-sizing: border-box;">Professional studio equipment: equipped with BM-800 microphone, shock absorption bracket, popular filter, microphone adjustment suspension scissors arm bracket, windproof foam cover, power cord, sound card Sensitive capture: BM-800 uses a thin material diaphragm or capsule, and the sound wav..


OZONE CHROMA X80 Key Screen Streaming

KD 36.900

An immersive experienceWith the Chroma X80 you’ll experience instant immersion, without limits. This green screen gives you the opportunity to adapt your background to different needs, being the perfect chroma key for video or photo editing, as well as broadcasting.Creative freedomThis Ozone chroma screen offers infinite possibilities for creation,..


OZONE CHROMA X30 Key Screen Streaming

KD 9.900

RAISE THE LEVEL OF YOUR STREAMING CHANNELThis green screen is the perfect companion for your gaming chair. With the Chroma X30 you’ll be able to conquer new situations and reach the top positions thanks to this screen that allows you to digitally insert any background you want, making it the ideal accessory for live broadcasting.HIGH-LEVEL STREAMIN..

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