Cyclone Power Mixer Bottle

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Cyclone Power Mixer helps make life easier and more convenient by mixing your shake with a powerful Mixing Blade, which prevents the shake from being lumpy. With a handy Portable Nutristore Attachment to store your next shake for the day.

Directions for use: 
Installing the batteries: 
- Turn the bottom of the base counter-clockwise to access the battery compartment
- Insert 2 AAA-sized Alkaline batteries with the correct polarities
- Replace batteries when the cyclone mixing action weakens or slows down

Using the mixer: 
- Make sure the power base is securely attached and the battery compartment cap is locked
- Turn counter-clockwise to unlock the mixer's lid and lift to open
- Fill liquid to pass the minimum measuring line (160 ml). For best results, fill liquid to cover the entire mixing blade
- Add your favourite G.I. Lean Firm and Lean Shake powder and other desired liquid or powder ingredients
- Place the mixer's lid onto the tumbler and turn clockwise until lid is locked and sealed
- Check and make sure the flip-open cap on the lid is pushed all the way down and secured
- Push the on/off switch located on the power base to turn on the mixer
- Tilt the mixer left and right a few times to ensure all powder and ingredients are mixed with the liquid

Cleaning the mixer: 
- Turn off the mixer and open the lid
- Detach and remove the power base from the tumbler by turning the power base counter clock-wise
- Do not immerse the power base into water or wash the whole mixer with the power base attached
- Clean the power base with a damp cloth and dry immediately with a soft, dry cloth
- Wash the lid, tumbler and Nutristore attachment separately with water and liquid detergent or place in dishwasher on the top shelf, on a normal cycle
- Do not bend or twist the mixing blade in the mixer