7100 Stereo Gaming Headset for PS4, Switch, Xbox , PC - Blue

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The 7100 headset is the main gaming headset for PlayStation 4, Xbox one PC, laptops and Mac Games. It can bring you a vivid sound field, clear sound and shocking sound. It can support Halo 5 Guardians, Metal Gear Solid, Call, etc. Various game responsibilities, "Star Wars Frontline", EA Sports UFC, "Overwatch", "World of Warcraft" legion and so on. Its ultra-soft ear pads can be worn more comfortably for a long time, it is an excellent headset especially suitable for gamers!

Why choose 7100 gaming headset?

1. [Environmentally friendly materials] The earmuffs are used in conjunction with the new second-generation skin-friendly materials to reduce hot sweat and are more suitable for long-term wear.

2. [Comfortable feel] High-grade wearable TPE, soft texture, delicate and comfortable feel, elegant appearance.

3. [Practical Design] The decompression belt makes your headphones have better ductility. The simple structure, light gameplay, and high-quality materials make it maintain strong practicality. The soft design tells you that it is indestructible.

4. [Easy installation] Plug and play, microphone, headphone 3.5mm plug + lighting USB plug, more fully ensure the stability of sound.

5. [LED light] highlights the game atmosphere (USB interface is only used to power the LED light).


[1] Speaker size: 40mm

[2] Sensitivity: 105 +/- 3dB

[3] Frequency range: 15 Hz-20KHz

[4] Microphone: 6.0x 5.0mm, microphone sensitivity: -38 +/- 3dB

[5] Direction: omnidirectional

[6] Cable length: 2.1M +/- 0.15

[7] LED working voltage: DC 5V +/- 5%

[8] Headphone jack: USB + 3.5mm 4-pin

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