Number Guessing The Game with Shocking Ending

Number Guessing The Game with Shocking Ending

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  • Can you imagine a game that is simple to play and has an ending that will make you and everyone else laugh until you cry? Well, imagine no more, my friends! Introducing 1 to 99 - The Game With a Shocking Ending. We say "Game", but it is really two games in one - whatta deal!
  • In 1 to 99, the game picks a number between 1 and 99 and it's your job NOT to pick that number or you will get shocked! You simply input a number into the game using the 10 digit key pad on the 1 to 99 game, hold down the two silver buttons and the game will let you know if you're in the clear. If so, then the game will let you know that the number is between the number you chose and the highest number available.
  • For example, to start the game, let's say you picked 28. If you are "wrong" the game will then tell you the number is between 28 and 99. If the second player chooses 65 and is "wrong", the game will tell you the number is between 28 and 65. Play continues until someone gets the number "right" and gets shocked!
  • The other game you can play is called "Sam Says". The object of the game is to repeat the numeric sequence that the game chooses and calls out to you. You start with a single number called out by the game. Enter that number on the key pad and press the silver buttons. Then the game will call out a 2 number sequence and you copy that sequence. Play continues in this manner, adding more numbers and making it more difficult to follow and repeat. When somebody makes a mistake in entering a number sequence, you'll make the game mad and feel the wrath!

Product Features :

Electric shock effect
Built-in sounder
Two confirmation key
Number buttons ( 0-9 )
Function buttons : Off / Sam Says / 1 to 99
Built-in flash and pleasant background music
Two different game modes : Memory mode and guess the number of modes
Three kinds of punishment modes: ( High / Low / No ) Voltage