Baseus Beauty Fridge 13L with Makeup Mirror and LED Light 22V CN Plug-Pink

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  • Brand: Other
  • Item: # 6987501245501
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  • Brand: Baseus
  • Rated power: 67W
  • Volume: 13L
  • Cooling capacity: 15℃ lower than ambient temperature(ambient temperature: 25℃)
  • Input: CN Plug, 220V~50Hz 0.5A

  • Product Description:

    BASEUS Beauty Fridge (13L) 220V CN Pink

    Smart Constant Temperature System: A smart constant temperature system offers professional refrigeration mode at 10℃ to18℃ to keep beauty products fresh

    Preservation by Refrigeration: A new semiconductor refrigeration system and innovative micro temperature control technology offer rapid cooling and longer preservation for beauty products

    Five Interlayers, Removable Shelves: Five inter layers are designed according to the sizes of popular beauty products, and the shelves are removable

    A Makeup Mirror: A large makeup mirror is installed on the door for you to use beauty products and make up

    Fill Light and Ambient Light: An LED fill Light provides uniform illumination to display the original colors of makeups, combined with a back warm ambient light to create more natural light

    A Totally Enclosed Inner Body: The magnetic door and O-shaped sealing ring form a totally enclosed inner body. A circulating fan keeps the air dry and prevents high humidity

    Silent Operation: Press one key to switch to silent mode when sleeping