Cloudy Cotton By Revogi + 5m Led Strip light USB ( Buy Cloudy cotton Get 5 LED Light Free)

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  • Brand: Revogi
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Instruction1.Spot the place whe...


1.Spot the place where you want to apply the Revogi Led Strip and the Cloudy Cotton , and it is 

        recommended  to be near by an electric plug

2. Put the Led lights on the surface that it be close to electricity

3. Apply glue on the surface around the Led Strip , Then spread the Cloudy Cotton on the glue and Stick it

  4. Turn off the room lights , Switch on the Revogi Light and Enjoy your Colorful Clouds !


  - Keep Out of Reach of Children

 - Keep the products from any Micro Electronic Facilities

 - After fix the product wash your hands and clean the remaning parts before using it. 

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