Smart Constellation Splicing Light RGB

KD 24.990 KD 30.000
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  • Customize Different patterns on the wall with 9 poles, with 9 connectors.
  • Adjust the light rhythm according to the sound.
  • Swing according to your rhythm and music, your own light rhythm.
  • Works with Amazon Alexa and Hey Google.
  • Enjoy lights that sync and dance to your favorite songs.
  • Light Bar Boundless smart splicing , explore infinite lighting.
  • Control it freely as a magician of light.
  • key infrared remote control, support remote control dimming, color adjustment, music mode, running and other functions.
  • Color change with the rhythm of music The lights change with the music, feel the rhythm of the brilliance, and meet your music atmosphere needs every moment.
  • Tens of thousands of light and color conversion Light up your colorful life and gradual flowing lights, you can open up all kinds of brain holes, realize your daily imagination, and call out your personalized world.
  • Easy installation When installing, the width of the lamp should be aligned with the previous lamp.
  • The bevel of the lamp interface is aligned with the bevel of the buckle, Press down firmly.
  • Timming automatically switch ON/OFF the smart light
  • You can control the lighting through an app on your phone.