Insta Bulb

KD 3.000

Insta Bulb battery operated lights stick anywhere you need instant light! Need more light, but there's no outlet in sight? Insta Bulb is the battery-operated light bulb you can install without an electrician. Just place the self-stick base anywhere you need instant light, slide in the light bulb and pull the cord. No wires, no expensive electrician, no messy renovations. The bulbs are cool to the touch and shatterproof so they're safe around children and pets! Insta Bulb battery powered lights are great in attics, garages, basements, closets, pantries, under stairs, or inside cabinets. Use them for extra light in the bathroom or kitchen. Put one over your workbench and one by the washer and dryer. Make dark stairways safer too. The bulb even slides out of the base to become a handy lantern for power outages. Uses 4 AA batteries (not included). Make your home, shed, or RV safer instantly!