Motion Brite LED Light

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  • Brand: As Seen on Tv
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Do You Have The Problem When You Want To Take Your Stuff ? 

And you can't see the stuff you will take? The new one! Motion Brite that allow you to reach all your stuff with a quick  without make it a mess.

Therefore, introduce Motion Brite - Perfect Install Anywhere You Need Light

What Is Motion Brite?

Motion Brite is a The light is motion-activated, so it turns on whenever you need it without needing you to flip a light switch. Each light includes 8 “state-of-the-art super-bright LEDs”.

With Motion Brite, we have a motion-activated light strip that can be placed almost anywhere around the home. This battery operated light uses 10 LED bulbs which create a bright enough light to help you see in dark spaces. Its sensors switch the unit on when movement is detected and back off again after motion ceases. It is also light sensitive and will only work when it is dark.

Motion Brite includes a separate mounting strip which can be adhered to your desired surface, to which Motion Brite is can be attached or detached. This allows you to remove and replace Motion Brite easily.