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For many people, one pillow is just not enough to sleep through the night. The Leachco Snoogle Original Total Body Pillow is uniquely designed to follow the natural contour and shape of your body from head to toe, fulfilling the duties of five pillows. The Snoogle fits behind your neck for support or between your knees for temperature control. It props up your head to aid in breathing, and if you are pregnant, it adds tummy support. The Snoogle is ideal for sleeping, relaxing and even nursing in bed, and it comes complete with a removable and washable cover.
Unique C-shaped design
The Snoogle is specifically designed to support the contour of your body to provide a good night’s sleep. The unique C-shaped design supports your hips, back and tummy for complete comfort.
Great for pregnancy and beyond
The firm support of the Snoogle is great for supporting your tummy during pregnancy to give you more restful sleep. Use the long back of the pillow to support your baby for comfortable, easy nursing in bed.
Relieves back pain
The Snoogle keeps your knees and spine in a neutral position to help relieve back pain. You won’t have to worry about waking up with a sore back after sleeping with the Snoogle.
The Snoogle is flexible and can be used in a wide variety of ways. Curl the Snoogle into a swirl and use it as a back rest while watching TV or reading, or lay it flat for a footrest. Wrap the pillow around your body for complete upper body support.

Product Description

If you are like most people, one pillow throughout the night is just not enough. There's the pillow that goes behind your back for support, the one between your knees for temperature control and the two to prop up your head to aid in breathing. And, if you're pregnant - don't forget to add one more for tummy support. The Snoogle is uniquely designed to follow the natural contour and shape of your body from head to toe. Perfect for sleeping and relaxing. Complete with removable/washable cover. The horseshoe shaped head pillow allows you to attain the position and height that is just right for you. The extra long midsection is the perfect width for total back or tummy support - depending on the direction you choose to snuggle up in your Snoogle. The slightly curved end tucks snugly between the knees as it conforms to your body's shape keeping you cool and comfortable all night long!



  • Removable/machine washable cover
  • 100% polyester fiberfill
  • Total body pillow
  • Supports back and belly during pregnancy; Elevates body to comfortable nursing position;
  • Caution: Never Leave Child Unattended An Adult Should Be Present At All Times When The Snoogle Is In Use Do Not Allow Children Under The Age Of 2 To Sleep With Snoogle Do Not Remove This Label, Use For Future Reference