Atomic GloveLite Flashlight

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  • Brand: As Seen on Tv
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Product Details :

- GloveLite comes in Bright White LED's for all standard uses, camping, hunting, fishing and boating along with tons of other uses which are awesome as well !
- GloveLite is the flashlight you can't drop! Stop wasting time tying up both hands while trying to work on something.
- Get GloveLite and always have light where you need it while freeing up both of your hands!
- GloveLite is made of strong durable neoprene which is tough enough for any job!
- Colour: Black
- Material: cotton-way stretch fabric.
- One size fits most.


Please understand that colors may exist chromatic aberration as the different placement of pictures.


Package included:
- 1 x GloveLite (batteries included)