LED Color Changing Hand Shower

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The water color is transparent and always will remain so, what if you can change it? And, make your shower cooler, fun, safe, and motivates children to take a shower. So with this new LED Shower Head now you can. The LED Shower Head is a Patent genius that illuminates your shower and changes the color of the water depending on the water temperature! Green (cold water), blue (warm water), red (hot water), flashing red (boiling water), no battery needed. The LED Shower Head is not only a cool gadget but is also made strong for long lasting and from high quality materials that will guarantee an enjoyable shower experience. The LED Shower Head is a standard shower head that can be replaced instead of any other shower head, the installation is very simple and easy about 10 sec and you are ready to go. From the use and the opening of the water tap, a built-in temperature sensor in the handle, will detect the water temperature and will light up respectively: Green color for cold water, blue for warm water, red for hot water and flashing red for boiling water! In addition what that is so amazing about this product that the LED lighting does not need an external power source (no battery needed). Using advanced technology the LED Shower Head uses the water flow to generate electrical power that illuminates the LED Made from high quality materials Makes your shower colorful and gives you cool, fun, safe and enjoyable shower experience Great gadget for kids Convinces them to take a shower Built in temp sensor to determine lighting color Green cold water, blue warm water, red hot water and flashing red for boiling water very simple and easy installation (about 10 sec ) no battery needed, uses the water flow to generate electrical power