Shelves-To-Go Packable

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Traveling frequently for business can get pretty time consuming with all the packing and unpacking that needs to be done. It was only a matter of time before someone came up with a better way, and that's exactly the case with this Packable Suitcase Shelves, aka Shelves to go. Designed by a traveling business professional for the travelling business professional, these expandable shelves hang in your closet while you pack, and collapse conveniently as you lower them into a suitcase. I took this on a trip to the other coast to see the in-laws last weekend and was pretty impressed with it. I packed the heaviest of my personal affects into my suitcase (my laptop, some books, a hairdryer) since they wouldn't be hung up anyway. Next I started to load the portable shelves with jeans and business slacks on the bottom, shirts and dresses on the top, and undergarments on the top. This part was easy. The clothes hung solidly on the shelves and didn't tip at all. The tricky part was lowering the shelves into my suitcase (which has a top like a duffle bag). In order to avoid spilling all my packed clothes onto the bed I lowered the Packable Suitcase Shelves tilted with the backside first. After the first shelf was resting on the bottom of the suitcase the rest was easy.