InstaHang - Convenient and Secure, Hang Cherished Wall Art or Tapestry in Seconds

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  • Brand: As Seen on Tv
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Usually, nails, a hammer or a nail gun were used to hang decor and install shelves at wood or dry walls. But those tools seem to do more damage to the walls even after accomplishing the task. Insta Hang doesn't cause those damages. Simply load the pegs into the peg cartridge and punch them through your wood or drywall. The pegs stay secure because they've been punched though on a slanted downward angle. Hang wall clocks, paintings, large tapestries, your framed diplomas, tools, shelves for other decor and trophies, anything! Insta Hang won't let you down. Order your set today!


DIY Supplies: Woodworking
Item Type: Picture Hangers
Material: Plastic+Aluminium pig
Size: 28.5x24x5 cm
Item name: InstaHang
Quantity: 1 set/47 pieces