Clothes Folding Board

KD 1.990

This amazing system makes clothes flatter and neater, giving you more room in your closet, drawers and suitcase. Ventilated windows help reduce static cling because the windows increase folding speed, allowing for a crisp, tight fold that helps guard against wrinkles.

1. Brand New & High Quality
2. Start cleaning up the clutter in your closets and drawers with this magic folding boards.
3. Fold practically anything in no time at all T-shirts, short- and long-sleeve shirts, collared shirts, pants and more.Reusable folder, environmental protection, Time saving, easy folder. Perfectly folded shirts, pants, towels, etc
4. The 4th generation Large Adult Magic Fast Speed Folder can folds up and out of your way when not in use Occupies little space, easy to carry

1. Adjustable folder
2. Material: High quality PP
3. Unfold Size: 23.62" x 28.35" x 0.08" (60 x 72 x 0.2CM)
4. Fold Size: 12.20" x 8.67" x 1.58"(31 x 22 x 4cm)