Devia Crystal Case Series For Airpods 1 & 2 - Clear

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  • Brand: Devia
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The transparent case for AirPods headphones protec...

The transparent case for AirPods headphones protects and brings other interesting functions. Devia has come up with a case for AirPods that fits them perfectly and makes their beautiful design stand out.
The transparent AirPods case will be appreciated by anyone who wants to let the design of the headphones stand out, but they are afraid that they will be scratched or otherwise destroyed. The case consists of two pieces. Exactly so that it can continue to open in the same way. At the bottom is a cutout for the Lightning connector to allow the box to charge. Thanks to the transparency, you can also see the LED on the second generation AirPods well.
The AirPods headphone case is made of non-flammable plastic, which does not leave fingerprints. Also, after attaching the case, you will prevent dirt and dust from penetrating the headphones themselves. The transparent case on the AirPods is very thin and will not restrict you in comfortably carrying headphones in your pocket.