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Aux Cable

The audio cable allows you to enjoy your music or games perfectly.The cable is compatible with Astro A10/A40 PS4, PC, smartphones, car stereos, portable wireless Bluetooth speakers, tablets & laptops, MP3 players, computers, Walkmans, wireless audio receivers, radios, etc.The cable has 2 differe..
KD 2.900 KD 3.500
Flexible Silicone Cable Organizer USB Cable Winder Wire Management Clip Magnetic Mouse Headphone HolderThe 5-hole cable clip is antistatic and flexible. Once you insert the cable into a slot, it won't fall out easily. Suitable for holding computer cables, audio cables, USB charging cables and networ..
KD 0.990 KD 2.000
10 feet Long - The link cable has an ergonomic design to reach 10 feet (3 meters) in length and lightweight, providing enough space for you to play all kinds of games as you likeHigh-speed data transfer with charging - 0.4 mm diameter of the copper wire in the link provides a more stable transmissio..
KD 5.500 KD 9.950
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