Pix Backpack Customizable Digital Back Pack - Magenta

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  • Brand: PIXIO
  • Item: # 860000819558
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smart backpack

Meet the Pix Backpack

A smart backpack designed to brighten your day with some Pix Backpack light. It’s a perfect urban & laptop backpack for men and women that allows you to customize its design while you’re on the go. From the very moment you get your Pix Backpack, you become a geek, an artist, a raver, or all of these at once. As you plug in the power bank to the LED Pix Backpack, it lights up and puts on a pixel show for you. Then, with a few strokes of the fingertips on your mobile device, you can pair your smartphone with the Pix rucksack backpack and display images, animation, widgets and even games. If you’re looking for a practical birthday gift or cool gadgets for anyone who goes to school, college or work, this Pix Backpack is a go-to option.