AirPods 3 ( Grade 1st Copy )

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Specifications :

Specifications :

this headset offers a combination of the Apple Pro and Apple 2 headphones, meaning that it really suits all tastes who prefer those who have a silicone ear, and those who like it to be a piece of plastic in the ear 

The chip here is the latest new JL6973 that saves battery energy and works up to 4 to 5 hours per ear.

The box charges the headphones 4 times

The headphone is the purest sound, in all the headphones, the Airpod, the details of the details, the stereo bass, all the sounds, the layers, and the frequencies are very accurate.

The mic is the most important thing. The headphones are of this type and most people buy these headphones because the calls are very powerful. Seriously, all calls will be made with the utmost comfort. On the street or the shower, you will take a clear call like a phon