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Décor Setup

* Soundproofing tiles* High density acoustic foam cell structure* Maximum noise absorption* Highly fire retardant* Easy maintenance* Compressed packages* Easy maintenance* Multi ways of installation..
KD 9.500 KD 14.990
Folding bed is a versatile and convenient piece of furniture suitable for a variety of uses.Extra comfortable with Cotton Pad when you lay on the sleeping chairCan make the backrest angle from 0 to 180°easily and stablyThis bed can be easily folded up and transported, making it ideal for camping tri..
KD 19.990 KD 25.000
  We Will Pack It in A Rigid Carton and Protect It With A Foam Bag Inside the Box. Protect It From Damage During Shipping. 2.When the Weather Is Cold , the Oil Inside Will Becom Solid , Just Soaking It in the Warm Water for a Few Minutes ; It Will Become the Norm.(Please do not place in the car..
KD 4.950
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