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1. Material: ABS+Silicone2. Surface technology: sun pattern3. Size: 180x104x56mm, weight: 172g4. Applicable to mobile phones and tablets within 4.7-12.9 inches (width range: 108-245mm)5. Applicable scene: car rear seat..
KD 2.500 KD 6.500
E70, car charger with USB 18W + Type-C 30W output, with wireless FM transmitter, support BT and USB flash drive playback1. Sizes: 72*42*48mm. Weight: 32g.2. BT v5.0. Chip: JL AC6926A.3. Supports BT, USB flash drive (<32Gb) playback modes.4. Type-C: 30W (for PD / for PPS / for QC / for FCP / for A..
KD 6.000 KD 7.500
CA70 Pilot in-car holder for car rearview mirror, for mobile phones and tablets up to 6.5 inches1. Material: ABS + silicone + EVA.2. Surface: matte.3. Sizes: 121*76*163mm.4. Weight: 129g.5. Chuck range: maximum width 9cm.6. Applicable to mobile phones below 6.5 inches.7. Applicable mount: car rear v..
KD 1.990 KD 3.500
1. Material: PC + ABS flame retardant.2. Output: Type-C 1/2:35W (PD/PPS/QC/FCP/AFC);Type-C 1+Type-C 2=17.5W+17.5W3. UK plug.4. Dimensions: 79*72*48mm, weight: 97g..
KD 4.990 KD 7.000
1. CPU: Lingtong 12352. Sensor: GC1054,720P3. Lens: 1G3P, 90 degree large light angle; Video pixels: Support 1280*720, 640*480; Video format: M-JPEG (AVI),4. Battery: 120mah battery life: 30 minutes5. Function: motion detection, web camera, infrared, support 32G-TF card, USB2.06. Size: 23.2*23.2*24...
KD 6.500 KD 9.990
ES63 Graceful, air conduction wireless headset, BT V5.3, 90mAh for 8 hours of use, 120 hours of standby1. BT v5.3. Chip: JL AC7006F42. Battery capacity: 90mAh, charging time is about 1.5 hours.3. Use time: 8 hours. Standby time: 120 hours.4. Sizes: 121*104*35mm. Weight: 13g.5. Air conduction BT head..
KD 9.990 KD 14.000
HC6 Magic, wireless speaker, BT v5.0, with 4000mAh battery, for 6 hours of calls and music, support BT, FM, TF, AUX, USB, TWS playback modes1. Sizes: 260*88*88mm. Weight: 775g.2. BT v5.0. Chip: Blue trum.3. Battery capacity: 4000mAh, charging for about 4 hours.4. Talk / music time: 6 hours.5. Speake..
KD 7.990 KD 12.000
L14, omnidirectional microphone for Type-C, 2m cable length, for most mobile phones with Type-C port1. Omnidirectional electret microphone.2. Audio plug: Type-C.3. Compatible for most models of mobile phones (for Huawei, for Xiaomi, for OnePlus, etc.), support for Samsung some mobile phones.4. Cable..
KD 4.500 KD 10.000
GM106, multifunctional storage bag, waterproof, for daily or travel use1. Material: 1680D film + 150DPU + 5t pearl cotton.2. Sizes: 23*15.5*6cm. Weight: 266g.3. Contains two adjustable Velcro strips, two mesh pockets, 3 compartments for storage and a hidden zipper pocket.4. Waterproof fabric. Daily ..
KD 4.500 KD 6.500
PH41 Promise, in-car hidden signage universal for car dashboard1. Material: zinc alloy + PC.2. Surface technology: electroplating.3. Sizes: 126*19*10mm.4. Weight: 60g.5. Applicable to any car model.6. Magnetic hiddean switch, large fluorescent number keys...
KD 2.500 KD 4.000
retractable tabletop holder, for 4.5-10 inches mobile phones and tablets, for home and office.. Material: ABS + carbon steel + silicone + magnesium-aluminum alloy.2. Surface technology: texturizing.3. Sizes: 173*273*1100mm. Telescopic height 0.8m-1.1m.4. Weight: 1150g.5. Clamp width: 120-198mm.6. Su..
KD 6.000
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