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Hoco Automatic Induction Wireless Fast Charging Car Phone Holder CA60
-41 %
1. Material: ABS + PC; Process: Sun + 3D printing 2. Size: 102*90*106mm; Weight: 113g 3. With wireless charging function; compatible with all sizes of wireless charging mobile phones 4. Applicable scene: air conditioning air outlet, center console, windshield..
KD 6.500 KD 11.000
Hoco CA121 Prospering Headrest Car Holder for Tablets
-31 %
1. Material: ABS+Silicone2. Surface technology: sun pattern3. Size: 180x104x56mm, weight: 172g4. Applicable to mobile phones and tablets within 4.7-12.9 inches (width range: 108-245mm)5. Applicable scene: car rear seat..
KD 4.500 KD 6.500
Hoco Cable 3-in-1 X47 Harbor charging Cable - Grey
-50 %
X47 Harbor 3-in-1 charging cable 25cm aluminum alloy connectors and woven braid1. Length 25cm, weight 20g.2. Material: aluminum alloy shell + woven braid.3. Short 3-in-1 charging cable, three connectors support maximum 2.4A charging current4. Convenient to carry, 3-in-1, suitable for multi-scenario ..
KD 1.500 KD 3.000
Hoco Car charger  E70 PD30W+QC3.0 with wireless FM transmitter
-20 %
E70, car charger with USB 18W + Type-C 30W output, with wireless FM transmitter, support BT and USB flash drive playback1. Sizes: 72*42*48mm. Weight: 32g.2. BT v5.0. Chip: JL AC6926A.3. Supports BT, USB flash drive (<32Gb) playback modes.4. Type-C: 30W (for PD / for PPS / for QC / for FCP / for A..
KD 6.000 KD 7.500
1. Material: PC + ABS flame retardant.2. Output: Type-C 1/2:35W (PD/PPS/QC/FCP/AFC);Type-C 1+Type-C 2=17.5W+17.5W3. UK plug.4. Dimensions: 79*72*48mm, weight: 97g..
KD 7.000
Hoco Desktop Stand Phone holder folding Stand PH29A - Silver
-33 %
PH29A Carry desktop holder for 4.7-10 inches mobile devices, 120° angle adjustment1. Material: ABS + silicone.2. Sizes:folded 65*110*28mm, expanded 65*110*165mm.3. Surface technology: sun pattern + oil spray.4. Weight: 176g.5. Suitable for: mobile phones and tablets within 4.7-10 inches.6. Applicabl..
KD 2.000 KD 3.000
1. CPU: Lingtong 12352. Sensor: GC1054,720P3. Lens: 1G3P, 90 degree large light angle; Video pixels: Support 1280*720, 640*480; Video format: M-JPEG (AVI),4. Battery: 120mah battery life: 30 minutes5. Function: motion detection, web camera, infrared, support 32G-TF card, USB2.06. Size: 23.2*23.2*24...
KD 9.990
ES63 Graceful, air conduction wireless headset, BT V5.3, 90mAh for 8 hours of use, 120 hours of standby1. BT v5.3. Chip: JL AC7006F42. Battery capacity: 90mAh, charging time is about 1.5 hours.3. Use time: 8 hours. Standby time: 120 hours.4. Sizes: 121*104*35mm. Weight: 13g.5. Air conduction BT head..
KD 14.000
Hoco L14 Type-C Lavalier Microphone
-55 %
L14, omnidirectional microphone for Type-C, 2m cable length, for most mobile phones with Type-C port1. Omnidirectional electret microphone.2. Audio plug: Type-C.3. Compatible for most models of mobile phones (for Huawei, for Xiaomi, for OnePlus, etc.), support for Samsung some mobile phones.4. Cable..
KD 4.500 KD 10.000
Hoco Multifuctional Storage bag GM106
-31 %
GM106, multifunctional storage bag, waterproof, for daily or travel use1. Material: 1680D film + 150DPU + 5t pearl cotton.2. Sizes: 23*15.5*6cm. Weight: 266g.3. Contains two adjustable Velcro strips, two mesh pockets, 3 compartments for storage and a hidden zipper pocket.4. Waterproof fabric. Daily ..
KD 4.500 KD 6.500
Hoco Ph41 In-car hidden stop signage
-38 %
PH41 Promise, in-car hidden signage universal for car dashboard1. Material: zinc alloy + PC.2. Surface technology: electroplating.3. Sizes: 126*19*10mm.4. Weight: 60g.5. Applicable to any car model.6. Magnetic hiddean switch, large fluorescent number keys...
KD 2.500 KD 4.000
Hoco S45 Car wireless charger  S45 Energia  for Dashboard and air outlet
-33 %
1. Material: ABS + PC, vacuum plating + texturing + curved glare glass panel.2. Sizes: 170*75*130mm. Weight: 210g.3. Input: 5V / 2A, 9V / 1.67A.4. Output: 5W / 7.5W / 10W / 15W.5. Support wireless fast charging for mobile phones such as for iPhone, for Samsung, for Huawei, for Xiaomi, etc.6. Applica..
KD 8.000 KD 12.000
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