Underlight Beautiful Led Accent Lighting

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Underlight Beautiful Led Accent Lighting - As Seen On TV
Now you can add beautiful accent lighting without the expense of hiring professional installation! The Underlight lights are perfect for adding a bit of accent to under kitchen or bath cabinets, along stairs or doorways, in a closet or pantry, or even under a bed! They are high-quality and low-wattage LED accent lights that last for thousands of hours! Super easy to install, simply peel and stick to your desired location! No tools required! Since they are battery operated, no tools or plugs required, making them perfect for anywhere- even outside! Connect multiple lights together to achieve your desired length. They feature a motion-activated sensor to turn on and off, so no wasting battery life.
Each package of Underlights include:
2 x 12" Underlight LED strips
Elbow connector
Motion detector w/ timer
Battery pack
Adhesive strips
Underlights require 3 "AA" batteries (not included)
Underlight Beautiful Led Accent Lighting - As Seen On TV