Intex 58752 Pizza Slice Inflatable Floating Pool Mattress

KD 10.000
  • Brand: INTEX
  • Item: # 102296
  • Availability: In Stock

Intex 58752 Pizza Slice is a floating inflatable mattress for the pool and the beach with a realistic print of an actual pizza slice!

This Intex inflatable is one of the most succesful and popular floaties of the summer and it is made to resemble the most succesful and popular product of all time: pizza! You can now relax while slowly floating on your favorite thing ever. With plenty of room and just the right consistency for all the comfort you crave. Just like a real pizza, the real fun is into sharing. Indeed these floaties are all equipped with a connector so that you can get more for you and your friends and tying them together into a full round pizza!

The highly durable and resistant materials employed are a guarantee that the highly detailed print will not fade out over the years. If only real pizzas were this durable... 

ProduceShop is proud to offer you the best price guaranteed on this Intex inflatable so that you can have one of the most gorgeous and stylish summer products of the year and get all the fun and comfort that you crave!

Technical Characteristics:

  • Model: Intex 58752 Pizza Slice
  • Measures: 175 x 145 cm
  • 4 connectors to tie it to more Pizza Slice inflatables
  • One repair patch included