Apai Genie The 360 Rotation Smart Personal Robot Cameraman

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Portable all-in-one auto smart shooting selfie stick with 360 rotation, auto face tracking, object tracking. Perfect for vlogs!

This selfie-stick will help you solve a problem: Let your phone follow you, take selfies and no longer ask for help.

How it works: First, download the software APAI GENIE with your mobile phone, without registering, open the APAI GENIE, then turn on the power on key, keep holding the power on key for 5 seconds, the red light is on, turn on the Bluetooth of your mobile phone, and then connect automatically.

You can start easily without complicated tutorials.

Made for iPhone and Android (Support system iOS 10.0 and later, Android 8.1 and later)

Like a Cameraman, just better!

Maximize your smartphone camera's capability with 360 degrees object tracking, smart capture and many more functions. No more begging and bribing friends to take your picture or film your video.

Object Tracking

Built-in Qiming´s innovative Smart Tracking algorithm, real-time targeting shooting function, chase the displacement of objects, and automatically capture interesting pictures.


9 Reasons to purchase this smart selfie tool

Smart Following

Wherever you go, the tool follows!

The camera interface locks on the target, and the PTZ follows the target to complete a variety of scenes shootings. The combination of deep learning and computer vision algorithms makes the follow to be smoother.