LCD screen Digital Writing Blackboard 21inch - Black

KD 12.000
  • Brand: Other
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  • Material: The panel of the tablet is a flexible LCD panel, and the frame is ABS reinforced anti-drop material, which is harmless to the human body and can be used safely by adults and children.
  • Easy to use: This smart electronic tablet makes it easy for your child to paint, doodle and erase!
  • The principle of liquid crystal tablet: using bistable liquid crystal, pressure sensing, display through the light reverse line, passive, green, environmental protection, energy saving.
  • Product configuration: one LCD pen (one battery included), one stylus, one box
  • Applicable scene: The tablet can be used for children's drawing, education, drafting, study and counseling, etc, and can also be used for office notes, family message boards, business exchanges, special person exchanges, etc.