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Baseus charger stand - watch a movie and charge your phone at the s...

Baseus charger stand - watch a movie and charge your phone at the same time!

Nowadays we more and more often watch movies and series on smartphones or tablets. Often we don't maintain the correct posture, tanning and holding the device in our hands for many hours - as a result we struggle with neck, back or hand aches. The new phone rack with a 15 W Baseus cordless charger is an ideal solution for similar problems. With its help you can conveniently watch your favorite TV show, play a game and charge your smartphone!

The fast wireless charging you need

The wireless charging function is an extremely practical addition to the Baseus phone rack. Thanks to it, you don't have to worry anymore that a depleted battery will stop you from watching a movie in the most interesting moment. The possibility of quick charging allows you to charge the battery up to 50% in just 1 hour. This allows you to conveniently combine the pleasant with the useful - after watching a few more episodes of the series, your smartphone will still be fully operational!

Reliable inductive charging

Advanced technology makes inductive charging convenient and effective. Simply place the phone on a rack - adjust the arrangement to your needs. Charging will start right away. Forget about the low sensitivity and blind spots that prevent the charger from working effectively - Baseus will give you the reliability you deserve.

Take advantage of the adjustment possibilities

You can freely adjust the height of the stand to your needs. You can also adjust the angle of inclination from 0-45°. You can easily place on the stand both a phone and a tablet with a diagonal of up to 12.9″. All this makes Baseus will provide you with the comfort of watching movies and series in any situation.

Innovative design

The Baseus stand is distinguished by its extremely well thought-out design. These elements of the device, with which the phone is in contact, are covered with silicone providing increased protection against falling out. Aluminum stand covered with fire resistant ABS plastic and equipped with silicone feet guarantees stability even when the smartphone vibrates or when you set the height of the stand. The device is also equipped with holes for plugs and headphones, as well as a special clip for cables to increase comfort and safety.

Stylish design

The Baseus charger stand is available in 2 stylish colors - silver and pink. Both look great and can be the perfect accessory for you. Choose the one you like more and enjoy watching your favorite movies in comfort!


ModelLiterary Youth Desktop Bracket (Telescopic + Wireless Charging)
Product codeSUWY-D0S
MaterialAluminium alloy
Deviation angle45°
Charging power15W
Maximum supported size12.9''
Size:Before stretching: 100 × 100 × 200 mm
After stretching: 100 × 100 × 265 mm