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Stabilizes and Provides Support for the Shoulder: Provides stabilization and support for the injured or sprained shoulder.Reduces Pain and Swelling: Helps reduce pain and swelling in the shoulder.Accelerates the Healing Process: Helps accelerate the healing process from shoulder injuries.Comfortable..
KD 7.000
- A treatment for back, neck and shoulder pain and can be applied to the arms, legs and stomach.- Relaxes muscles and stimulates blood circulation- Can be used anywhere- 3 heat levels and an automatic stop watch- Soft and comfortable fabric..
KD 20.000
Comfortable and Easy to Use: The electric heating pad features a comfortable and easy-to-use design.Helps Relieve Muscle and Joint Pain: Helps relieve muscle and joint pain, improve blood circulation, and provide relaxation.Includes 6 Heat Levels: Includes 6 adjustable heat levels to suit your needs..
KD 10.000
High quality * Can withstand 40 degrees Celsius * Capacity: 600 liters * Person capacity: 3 people * air bubbles . system * Double insulation system * 3 layers *Contains full cover and floor protector Ingredients in pictures * Sizes: 165 * 70 cm..
KD 180.000
High quality * The ability to convert between units of measurement (grams, ounces and milliliters) * LED display * Weight range up to 3 kg * Light, easy to carry and clean * Sizes: 15 * 10 cm..
KD 6.000
POWERFUL HEATING MASSAGE & RELIEVE EYE STRAIN - Eye massage adopts kneading, trigger point therapy, oscillating pressure, and rhythmic percussion massaging. Built-in heating pads provide a comfortable temperature between 104 and 107 degrees Fahrenheit(40℃-42℃), better for relieving eye strain, e..
KD 8.500
Adjustable design * Effective protection of the nose and does not obstruct vision * Two straps for fixing on the face and non-slip * Helps protect your face from injuries to the nose and upper jaw * Protective foam cushion is comfortable for the skin and absorbs sweat * Perf..
KD 10.000
High-quality jawline exerciser set: Made of safe and effective materials to improve jawline appearance.Suitable for different fitness levels: The set includes 3 different resistance levels, making it suitable for beginners and advanced users alike.Easy to use: The set comes with easy-to-follow instr..
KD 5.000
The two measurement modes of digital curve can be switched at will 2. OLED blue and yellow two-color display, clear reading! 3. One-piece design, streamlined appearance and strong sense of experience! 4. Small handheld, easy to carry and use! 5. With signal strength display function, it is convenien..
KD 11.990
Tired of neck and shoulder pain associated with heavy physical activity or a simple cold? You urgently need to buy a neck and shoulder massager.In appearance, the massager has the shape of a belt.Made from high quality faux leather.To adjust the volume of the product, it is equipped with Velcro.Comp..
KD 4.500
Precision technology ensures reliable and accurate blood pressure readings at homeEasy-to-read digital display provides clear and instant results, making it user-friendly for people of all agesAccommodates different arm sizes with an adjustable cuff, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit during meas..
KD 7.900 KD 17.900
Rubber, ThermoplasticRESTORE NATURAL FOOT FUNCTION: Move your body back into proper alignment. Just read our CLINICAL STUDY RESULTS: 99% reported foot pain relief. 98% reported relief from back and/or hip pain. 97% reported relief from knee and/or leg pain.SHOE INSOLES DESIGNED AND CUSTOMIZED TO FIT..
KD 1.500
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