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Team Sports

Game Type: Paddle sportNumber of Players: 2 or 4Court: A rectangular court measuring 20 feet × 44 feet (6.1 meters × 13.4 meters)Net: A net 36 inches (91 cm) highRules: Similar to tennis rules, with some differences..
KD 50.000
Without installation ​​​​​ High quality * Sizes in pictures..
KD 90.000
High quality * It consists of a volleyball, a net, a blower, two needles for the blower, three badminton balls, four rackets and 2 flying discs. * Sizes in pictures * Volleyball, badminton and discus throwing..
KD 55.000
Material : net , iron  * Basketball..
KD 15.000
* Material : steel* The size of the basket height adjusts from 3.05 to 2.30 meters* The diameter of the basket is 45 cm* The size of the backboard is 110 * 75 cm* Base size is 120 * 78 * 23 cm*The base can be filled with 130 kg of water*Used in sports clubs, gardens, club yards and indoor halls..
KD 90.000
* Material : aluminum alloy handle , pvc coated * Home workout , fitness exercise * Size in photo * Thikness : 3.4 mm..
KD 5.000
Price per piece (size 150 * 80 cm) * Multi-use (can be used as a training ground - separating barriers for racing - building a safety area for your child or pets to prevent them from going out into the street) * Stable base * High quality polyester mesh * Light, easy to carry&nbs..
KD 16.500
Prepare for motherhood with confidence and comfortThis flexible belt provides support for pregnant women seeking relief from hip, pelvic, and other common stretching pains during pregnancy. You'll be able to bend, sit, and walk with ease.The belt helps reduce swelling and bloating in the abdominal a..
KD 1.990 KD 3.990
We’ve upgraded our classic Forte Armband to create the Forte Plus, a running armband that holds your big phone securely so it doesn’t bounce around. The Fitletic Forte Plus Armband is perfect for those who run, go to the gym, enjoy afternoon walks, or are constantly on-the-go! The inner pocket.....
KD 10.500
Supporting design helps correct bad posture of back and shoulderPulls shoulder & back to correct postureProvides gentle back supportPrevention of adolescent customary humpback Non restricting uni-sex design for men and womenFully adjustable, comfortable & easy to wear..
KD 1.990
Exceed Shoulder Support Shoulder Shoulder Deker 6106CA Exceed CB Support Sport Support Injury Muscle Protector ***One box contains 1 pc, not one pair, can be used left and right*** This shoulder deker is made of soft material so that the skin can still breathe and is very comfortable, With very soft..
KD 1.990
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