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DescriptionThis kit includes all the necessary accessories to create unique plant rubbing prints. - With the stickers provided, children can add their personal touch to their plant rubbing prints. - Be proud of your work and design and creation. - Guaranteed fun item. - Made of quality materials. - ..
KD 4.250
Description- Decorate the water bottle with shiny diamonds. - Provides a lot of fun and enjoyment for children. - Helps develop fine motor skills. - Made of high quality materials. - Suitable age group: 6 years and over.BrandSew StarGenderGirlsAge5+, 8+..
KD 6.250
Leak-proof Design: Our 18oz water bottle features a leak-proof design, ensuring worry-free carrying and preventing any unnecessary spills.Square Bottle Design: Unlike traditional round water bottles, our square-shaped bottle is easier to grip, making it convenient to carry and use.Separate Button an..
KD 1.990
KIDS REUSABLE COLOURING BOOK - A week long adventure exploring the 7 natural wonders of the world in an activity book format. Learn the days of the week whilst exploring nature's best with this interactive story book & colour-in scenes. Simply wipe clean and then reuse! Suitable for children and..
KD 10.500
Package includes 1 fold-out storybook (consisting of 8 reusable coloring pages), 12 markers, and 1 keepsake box. - Helps develop fine motor skills and creativity. - Made of silicone that is free of chemicals or harmful substances, non-toxic and guaranteed for our little ones. - Suitable age group: 3..
KD 10.500
Hey Doodle 8 reusable silicone tiles come in a range of themes and activities to engage curious minds. They come with 12 non-toxic markers 8 character tokens and a storage tin ready to go with you.Develop social skills as your child colors, chats, and connects with others.They’re versatile and safe ..
KD 11.500
Story Stacks is a product by Hey Doodle. An innovative take on the traditional doll house, this is one you can take with you anywhere you go. Each silicone tile represents a room in the house, teaching children to visualise space in 3D and fostering a sense of creative designing. Double sided charac..
KD 11.500
Hey Doodle A4 reusable coloring mini mats come in a range of themes and activities to engage curious minds. They come with 3 non-toxic markers and a handy carry tube ready to go with you. Easily wiped clean with a damp cloth. They’re versatile, safe, and even make fantastic giftsDevelop social skill..
KD 5.500
Boost Your Alphabet Knowledge While Discovering Our Animal Buddies. Get to grips with the alphabet while also learning about various fluffy, feathery, and slippery creatures. This features a mix of 13 different letters to keep things interesting.The greatest part? You can enjoy the fun over and over..
KD 5.500
Our best sellers- printed on premium grade silicone, our A3 reusable colouring mats come in a range of themes and activities to engage curious minds. They come with 9 non-toxic markers and a handy carry pouch ready to go with you. Easily wipe clean with a damp cloth to reset the canvas, and then sta..
KD 8.500
Ponder on these words of affirmation as you get lost in mindful colouring. Find all 4 of them and reflect on what they mean to you. And then do it all again by simply washing off the colour.Each pack comes with:An A4 reusable silicone matA set of 3 markers A handy carry tube- so you d..
KD 8.500
 Color Variety : Marker sets typically come with a wide range of colors, allowing for vibrant and diverse creations. Sets may include basic colors, shades, pastels, metallics, or even specialized color palettes. Ink Quality : The quality of the ink affects the brightness, saturation, and l..
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