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ARTA MINI WATER FLOSSER WHITE- A beautiful smile starts with a good dental care- Suitable for clients with:- Braces- Dental prosthetics and implants- Passion for travel..
KD 22.500 KD 28.000
Arta Mini Water Flosser-Green- A beautiful smile starts with good dental care.- Suitable for clients with:- Braces.- Dental prosthetics and implants.- Passion for travel.- Directions Of Use: Used as directed ..
KD 19.990 KD 28.000
Arta Deformable Oral Irrigator Water Flosser- Water dental flosser cordless equipped with 3 nozzles.- The unique hook tip can easily clean the back of your teeth, which are difficult to clean with other water dental flossers.- Water dental flossers have four use modes (strong, medium, soft and pulse..
KD 20.000 KD 25.000
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