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Soap Brite Lighted Dispense 7 Color Light

KD 2.500

MOTION AND LIGHT DETECTION: Soap Brite only turns on when both darkness and motion are detected. It senses motion up to 10 feet awayMULTI-USE: Soap Brite works with your favorite hand soap, dish soap, liquid hand sanitizer, and lotions. Buy in bulk and save by refilling the Soap Brite7 COLOR LED: Choose from 7 soothing colors that provide a warm am..


Stir Crazy Automatic Hands Free Blender

KD 2.950

With Stir Crazy, all sorts of custards, sauces and soups can be stirred automatically.Will stir for up to 4 hours On 1 set of 4 x AA batteries. (Batteries not included).Heat and non-stick pan safe.Legs are dishwasher safe (battery unit needs to be hand washed).With 3 different speed for your needs. Change speed simply by pressing down on the topEas..


My Fun Fish Tank Self Cleaning Aquarium

KD 5.000

What's in the box: 1 x My fun fish cleaning tank My fun fish is a revolutionary fish tank that uses gravity to clean itself. You simply pour water into it, and the older water pours out of the spout through a hose at the bottom of the tank. This method of cleaning makes cleaning up after your fish very easy for children – and ad..


Better Sponge: Multi-Purpose Sponge, Gripper, Oven Mitt, and Pet Hair Collector

KD 3.500

The multi-purpose Better Sponge has a list of cool ways that you can use, including just using it as a regular sponge to clean dishes, getting a better grip on jars to remove lids, scrubbing odd and tightly shaped areas of dishes, remove stuck on food from pans and dishes, use it as a hot pad since it's heat resistant, and you can even use it remov..


Shelves-To-Go Packable

KD 4.000

Traveling frequently for business can get pretty time consuming with all the packing and unpacking that needs to be done. It was only a matter of time before someone came up with a better way, and that's exactly the case with this Packable Suitcase Shelves, aka Shelves to go. Designed by a traveling business professional for the travelling business..

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