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The house of Bentley offers a strong and powerful smell that redefines your confidence This Absolute perfume has a long lasting intense fragrance that suits your personality It is fused with the classic ginger and pepper followed by the scents of papyrus and sandalwood that offer a rich woody smell ..
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Top NotesThe top notes of the fragrance center around one core ingredient that is the green and ammoniac Cassis.Middle NotesThe heart of the fragrance is a fresh floral scent composed of the intensely refreshing freesia and romantic rose.Base NotesThe base notes are a calming and somber combination ..
KD 13.750 KD 14.750
The personality of a person is mainly described by the fragrances, so if you want to be the best personality in the group smell like the one. A rich fragrance for every occassion be it a formal meeting or you just need to catch up with your friends it creates an outstanding effectPerfect for everyda..
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