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Electric Shoe Dryer

Electric Shoe Dryer
Electric Shoe Dryer
Electric Shoe Dryer
Electric Shoe Dryer
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Electric Shoe Dryer
Electric Shoe Dryer
Electric Shoe Dryer
Electric Shoe Dryer
Electric Shoe Dryer
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1. Foldable design: the electric shoe dryer is lightweight, small and easy to store. Place the items (boots, shoes, gloves, hats, etc.) on the glove drying tube. After drying, fold and dry the rack and store it in a suitable place. The shoe dryer is easy to use, just plug in the plug and turn the shoe dryer on and off with the touch of a button.

2. Shoe dryer and quick: this shoe dryer with hot air blower can dry your shoes, ski boots, socks, electric shoes, gloves or hats effectively and quickly in rainy and snowy weather, say goodbye to cold and wet shoes and socks, the glove dryer keeps your hands and feet dry and comfortable, keep your feet dry and healthy.

3. 360 hot air dryer: this dryer naturally allows hot air to rise into wet objects to dry. It also reaches hard-to-reach places, allowing moisture to get into the toes of boots and fingertips of gloves and mittens with a quiet, warm and even airflow.

4. Energy-saving and safe with timer: this shoe dryer has a 4 hour timer (0-240 minutes). You can choose different setting times to dry different materials quickly. When the time has elapsed, the luggage dryer switches off automatically. The overheating protection of the electric shoe dryer protects your shoes from burns when drying.

5. Wide application: the shoe dryer is suitable for shoes, gloves, hats and warm boots made of leather, PVC, rubber, canvas, synthetic fiber, cotton, wool and other fabrics.

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1. Retractable air outlet, length expansion can be stretched to 30 cm, stretch boots and socks can be dried, easy to apply all shoes.

2. Purple light + rose salt box, double anti-bacteria and deodorization, dry and comfortable, double effect.

3. From the top of the shoe to the heel, 360 no blind spot drying, 15 seconds even heating, feel the warm hot air wrapped.

4. A key drying design, 55-60 intelligent constant temperature, more love and care for your shoes.

5. Foldable design, 90 flexible folding, easy to store; comes with a leather carry handle, easy to carry.

6. 240 minutes / 120 minutes free timing, quiet operation, silent companion without disturbing your sleep at night.

Product Name: Multifunctional Shoe Dryer

Material: PTC

Colour: white.

Cable length: 1.2 m/1.3 m.

Rated power: 130 W.

Time: 240 minutes/120 minutes.

Rated voltage: 220 V ~ 50 Hz.

Control mode: touch screen/button

Packing list: 1 x multifunctional shoe dryer.