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Fat Burner Slimming Upper Body Wonder Patch 8 PCS

Fat Burner Slimming Upper Body Wonder Patch 8 PCS
Fat Burner Slimming Upper Body Wonder Patch 8 PCS
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  • (1)Easy to use: The weight loss sticker helps you block and reduce fat intake and burn excess fat. The size of the slimming patches is 9.45 x 8.28 inches x 20, which allows your stomach to be perfectly covered. It is recommended to use once every 2 days, 6-9 hours each. Insist that you see amazing results.
  • (2)Good for health: weight loss stickers can help people with obesity and constipation in the waist, regulate endocrine diseases, restore a healthy and slim figure. It becomes more obvious with the appropriate amount of exercise.
  • (3)Natural and non-irritant: natural plant ingredients, safe and non-irritating. Tea extract can restore the sensitive and firm skin of relaxed skin. Weight loss stickers are made from extracts essence from a variety of plants, scientifically formulated, help quickly and safely lose weight and keep your skin moist and elastic.
  • (4)Comfortable and breathable: high-quality non-woven material that makes the weight loss stickers well breathable and adhesive. After applying to the body parts, there is no damp and sultry feeling. The weight loss sticker patch has good adhesion and can be easily attached to the Abdomin,cheek,Upper arm,.
  • (5)Widely used: can be patch on the stomach, arms, cheek, and Upper Arm. Whenever you go, do sports or do housework, you can enjoy fat burning with these plasters.