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Fitness & Health

Smart Eye Massager, Eye Care, Improve Vision to Relieve Eye Strain, Eye Care Device for Students..
KD 5.500
Infrared heat therapy, for arthritis knee pain relief and joint rehabilitation for fitness and daily health care..
KD 3.500
Next Day Delivery* Material : steel inner core , foam , plastic* Size 23*4*42* Weight : 1 kg * Muscle building and arm strengther ..
KD 6.000
Next Day Delivery* Size: 96 cmFoam rubber - very comfortable - absorbs and protects the palm of your hand.* Metal Tube - Made of durable brushed steel.* 2 rings at the ends - a very convenient steel circle for exercise.* Detachable - Easy to take away and go out for exercise...
KD 21.000
Next Day Delivery* Material : rubber , nylon * Size in photo * Fitness exercise handles for cable machines and resistance bands..
KD 8.000
Next Day Delivery* Material : TPE-TPU / nylon* Size in photo * Weight lifting grip * Fitness handle* Bodybuilding , fitness exercise..
KD 10.000
Next Day Delivery* Material : foam*Size in the picture* weight : 0.6 kg* Protects the chest area from weight pressure and prevents the bar from reaching it*Used for weightlifting, chest exercises..
KD 10.000
Next Day Delivery*Material: Plastic* It has a capacity of 600 ml*Size 8*20 cm* Quick mixing of all kinds of drinks*Multiple Sealant*Powered by battery or USB..
KD 12.000
Next Day Delivery* Material : cowhide* The size is in the picture* Helps tighten the grip on the iron* Ideal for dumbbell exercises, squats and weightlifting * Provides a high degree of protection for hands and potential injuries...
KD 8.000
Next Day Delivery* Material: stainless steel*The size in the picture​​* It is fixed on the wall and used in  yoga and other exercises...
KD 8.000
Next Day Delivery*Material: Iron* Size 82*76.5*28 cm*Professional design* High quality* chrome handle straight* It is used in squats, push-ups and weight-lifting exercises*without the stand..
KD 45.000
Next Day Delivery*Material: aluminum* Circular size: 5 cm* Uses a weight lock for the Olympic bar*Available: blue color..
KD 8.000
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