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This push-up rack is an innovative color-coded push-up board training system that strengthens and shapes your entire upper body (chest, shoulders, back, and arms) while engaging your total core. This challenging strength and conditioning 10-week program combines Power Press push-ups with intense cal..
KD 3.750 KD 8.500
Resistance Loop Bands Are Made Of 100% Natural Latex Free Of Non,Natural Thermoplastic Elastomer (Tpe) And No Rubber SmellExercise Workout Bands Have 5 Levels, All Of Which Can Be Mixed And Matched To Reach Your Fitness Goals, Resistance Levels Are Printed On The Front Of EachThis Heavy Duty Resista..
KD 2.500 KD 4.000
Next Day DeliveryHigh quality * Bears 180 kg * Quality suitable for sports clubs * Works on burning fat, forming stomach muscles, tightening the abdomen and waist * 360-degree swivel pillow..
KD 160.000
Next Day Delivery* Material : polyester* Size in photo* Rest your hands during exercise* The hanging abdominal belts are compact and compatible with any stand and are designed to work all the abdominal muscle more comfortably than the floor exercise..
KD 12.000
Next Day Delivery* Material : Steel , foam .* Poratable exercise muscles* Weight : 0.85Kg* Yoga suction cup type fixed foot curling belly thin belly fitness equipment sit-ups auxiliary tensioner* Product type:sit ups adjusting bench* Size : 13*12*28 cm..
KD 7.000
The belt is made of high-quality materials and features a soft cotton lining to be gentle on the skin and help absorb sweat   The advantages of this product is that it is multifunctional, including:   Improves appearance and works to slim it down   It helps to burn..
KD 1.990 KD 8.500
Next Day Delivery* Home use bike* Material: Aluminum* Size: 129.3 * 59.2 * 122.9 cm* Screen display time, heart rate, calories...* High quality* It can bear the weight of 150 kg* Used in “Fitness Exercises”* Exercise bike with screen* Weight: 49 kg..
KD 220.000
Next Day Delivery*Material: aluminum* Circular size: 5 cm* Uses a weight lock for the Olympic bar*Available: blue color..
KD 8.000
Next Day DeliveryMaterial : high quality MDF wood +PvcSizes in picturesblack color..
KD 109.000
Next Day Delivery*BANGE . brand * Large storage capacity * Separate shoe area * Wet storage area for your belongings * Elegant and distinctive appearance * Sizes in pictures..
KD 14.000
Next Day Delivery* Material : net , iron ..
KD 15.000
Next Day Delivery* Material : rubber , nylon * Size in photo * Fitness exercise handles for cable machines and resistance bands..
KD 8.000
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