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1- iPower PD 3 10000mAh Battery Pack - PinkMeet iPower PD 3: Compact, Fast, and Safe. With a built-in USB-C cable, real-time display, and PD 20W + USB-A 22.5W, it charges three devices simultaneously. Portable and secure, it's your reliable power companion. Stay connected with iPower PD 3.Features:-..
KD 19.500
The DH Series charging hub is multi-functional and portable. It provides fast data transfer, faster charging, stable network and card reading capability. Its unique design helps keep your work space tidy and is suitable for both personal and business use. It provides a practical experience. And spec..
KD 19.500
WIRELESS CHARGING|Slim size, built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Up to 365 days of use on a single chargeHANGABLE DESIGN|Easy to attach to your keys, backpack or suitcase with the hanging hole, perfect for traveling.PORTABLE and SECURE|Put it in your wallet and keep your wallet safe.OUTDOOR U..
KD 10.000
Magnetic Winding Design-Tangled-Free | The magnetic winding design prevents the cable from tangling. The magnets within the cable allow it to be easily coiled and secured, reducing the mess and hassle of tangled cables.-Quick access | The magnetic winding design allows for quick and effortless acces..
KD 6.500
Momax Flagship Flow Series - Fast charging for iPhone and iPad, compatible with smartphones, tablets, laptops, Macbook and MagSafe charger. Designed by Momax. Increased energy-efficiency, faster charging than a traditional charger. Support laptops and tablets charging. GaN Charging. Transparent desi..
KD 19.500
Charge Up to 2 Devices at OnceMomax Flagship Flow Series - Travel-friendly mini charger. Fast charging for iPhone, compatible smartphones and tablets. Designed by Momax.35W GaN TechIncreased energy-efficiency, faster charging than a traditional charger.• GaN Charging• Transparent design• Suppor..
KD 7.500
[GaN Tech 4 Port] multi port provides 70W (maximum) fast charging solution that is also able to support laptop charging[2 USB-C and 2 USB-A charging ports] multi usage charge 4 devices at the same time[Powerful and Compact Design] equipped with a tabletop bracket/stand for vertical placement. More e..
KD 15.500
UC16 is equipped with USB-C port and USB-A port with 67W high output for charging any electronics at the same time. Aluminum alloy provide perfect appearance and durability. Laptop charging in your car is made possible.Double speedy charging | Support QC3.0 and PD, backward compatible with QC2.0. 67..
KD 9.500
Wireless Snap & ChargeMomax Flagship Flow Series - Instant snap on, charge iPhone wirelessly. Pocket-sized magnetic battery pack. Designed by Momax.• MagSafe Compatible• Transparent surface• LED display for battery percentage• Indicating light for on/off indication• Kick stand to keep phone upri..
KD 19.500
•Stand up or lie down, charge while you watch: It comes with a foldable stand, so it's easy to watch and brush videos•No obstruction to the lens, more comfortable to take photos: The grip is unobstructed, more comfortable to play while charging•10,000mAh battery life for longer, more fun: Shopping, ..
KD 15.000
Momax Flagship Flow Series - Support iPhone or iPad fast charging. Designed by Momax.• USB-C to Lightning Cable• Apple MFi certified• Translucent design• Tensile strength of 20KG• 35,000 times bending life• Max 30W outputCompatibility: For iPhone 8 or later(2m - White)Apple: iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14..
KD 8.500
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