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MicroPhone & Sound Card

F007 Mobile Phone Computer K Song Live Sound Card Voice Changer Device Audio Mixer Built-in Multiple Sound EffectUniversal for mobile phone and computer: electronic sound, voice changer, MC, 18 kinds of sound effectsAll-metal anti-scratch body: The shell is made of aluminum alloy material, and the h..
KD 8.990 KD 13.950
Get this Professional Recording Microphone Stand Suspension Scissor Arm for Dynamic and Condenser Mic ...
KD 3.750 KD 5.500
Professional Noise Reduction Technology Built-in Dual DSP Noise Reduction Chip and ECHO, There are dual DSP noise reduction chips inside the sound card voice changer to avoid the influence of current noise, ensure high quality sound, and sing beautiful songs, Reverb (ECHO) makes your voice more char..
KD 3.950 KD 5.950
Plug and play Usb recording microphone with 5.9-Foot USB Cable included for computer PC laptop that connects directly to USB port for record music,computer singing or podcast. Easy to use and install on Mac or PC. (◆◆Not compatible with Xbox and Phones◆◆)Solid sturdy metal construction design comput..
KD 12.000 KD 16.000
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