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Backpacks for Kids

- Wide open design for easy access to baby supplies,- Large capacity diaper bag! Smart organizer design with separate pockets and carrying compartmentsAll baby and maternity essentials in a super organized way, including a pillowDiaper changes, feeding bottles, water bottle, breast pump and wet wipe..
KD 14.000
- It helps the mother to arrange and store clothes in an elegant appearance - It is easy to use and makes it easy for the mother to use the clothes while they are inside the basket - High quality..
KD 3.500
Great for boys and girls- Designed for travel and fits everyone perfectly- External pockets are perfect for small books, teething rings,- the colour grey-Size 43*73*23..
KD 7.500
- Available colors: pink - red - white - black - Long strap and strong handle - Small size suitable for girls - Made of leather and has a steel lock..
KD 6.500
Comes with an air blower to keeping a constant airflow to the bouncer, ground anchors, securing the structure to the ground. It also has a repair kit which is for any accidents that might occur. Convenient storage, easy to deflate, fold, roll and pack.Product Dimensions:365 x 265 x 215 cmPackage Dim..
KD 120.000
Adjuatable Design Rotate and adjust the column type, the Math Practice Number Rolling Stamp can adjust different queue methods. Simply twist the button to change the question. Develop children's logical calculation ability. Portable Size   The Roller Digital Teaching Stamp is small an..
KD 0.990 KD 1.500
Gift: The lilo & stitch pen is a great gift for your friends and family on birthday, etc.Lightweight and flexible: Our lilo & stitch gel pens are made of high-quality materials, which are lightweight and flexible. they can be used for many times in the office or at home...
KD 0.990 KD 2.000
- Keep your child safe- Have him near you- It is a bag for his things and at the same time it contains the safety rope- Kids backpack with cute pattern, suitable for both girls and boys- Suitable for young children between the ages of 2-5 and a half- The length of the back strap can be adjusted.Colo..
KD 7.000
2 in 1: Designed specifically for kids anti-lost safety set, including a telescopic wrist strap and multifunctional backpack, to keep kids close to you and play independently without worrying about they will get lost.Telescopic strap: Attached with a telescopic wristband, you can one side on the kid..
KD 7.000
 - A useful bag for quick outings - You can put it inside the child's bag, and it will be ready - Available color (green - blue - pink - sky blue) - Excellent quality..
KD 6.000
This bag is ideal for mothers traveling with their children. It is large in size and can accommodate all baby's needs, and it also comes with a carry seat and high chair, making it ideal for long trips.The bag has a stylish and comfortable design, and it is made of high-quality materials, which ensu..
KD 10.000
- Suitable for all ages- It's very lightThere are animal shapesWhat do you bring the baby's things..
KD 5.850
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