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Delivery in 1-2 working daysBenefit the right of schools slumber and sweetSize: 24.5*16.0*4.7 cm* Weight: 499g* Leak proof* Easy to clean* Available in blue and pink colours..
KD 8.000
Delivery in 1-2 working days- High quality- Available in black colorSizes are on the postSuitable for most trucks- Don't miss the mother- You can take it off with your shoulder after the cart..
KD 11.000
Delivery in dayHelps the mother bathe the baby- Protects your child's eyes from shampoo or water Soft,- flexible and easy to use- Age 0 to 2 years old..
KD 0.990 KD 1.990
Delivery in 1-2 working days- Available in dark navy- The mother benefits the right time to work and the child is ripe  It has more than one use and method- He has a bag Suitable from newborns up to 15 kilos of child weight..
KD 12.000
Delivery in 1-2 working daysThis box can protect milk powder from dust, dirt and debris.It is made of premium material and is durable and long lasting. You can use it safely.This product is small, light and easy to carry, so you can take it with you anywhere.This storage box can not only hold milk p..
KD 0.750 KD 1.990
Delivery in 1-2 working daysKeeping the baby's things with stashes and trips*Material: Nylon* Size: 34 x 32 x 19 cmNet Weight: 720 g..
KD 12.000
Delivery in 1-2 working daysThe "Baby Organizer Basket" is a specially designed product to help you efficiently organize and store all the essentials and items related to caring for your little one. This basket presents a practical and appealing solution for parents aiming to maintain order and syst..
KD 4.500
Delivery in 1-2 working days  - Mats and safety barrier for the child  Gray color only available  - Mat sizes (140-100-110)  - Umbrella and mats are provided  Floor thickness (7 cm)  - Removable and washable  - 100% Cotton  - Safe for the child from crashing i..
KD 68.000
Delivery in 1-2 working daysBaby Bottle Drying Rack with Bottle Cleaning Brush Set/Plastic Bag and Bottle Dryer - Drying Rack Saves Money and The Planet Folds for Easy StorageLarge Capacity 12 Racks 4 For Big Milk Bottles, 6 For Small Feeding Bottles, 2 For Nipples, Sippy Cup Lids, Teething Rings, P..
KD 5.000
Delivery in 1-2 working daysMultipurpose kid's tableSingle color available- This seat is perfect for family dining as it will be able to handle the mess of mealtime.- The back of the chair is specially designed with a slight radiating touch to fit the back body structure, preventing the child from a..
KD 45.000
Delivery in 1-2 working daysAvailable in pink and olive green- Butterfly shape and page design, excluding breastfeeding,- The nursing pillow can provide soft and comfortable support for your baby while breastfeeding,- Adjustable height allows you to choose a suitable height and feel more comfortable..
KD 15.000
Delivery in 1-2 working days- Colors: white, yellow, blue, pink, greenBaby spoons are baby feedersNewborn baby bottlesMade of food grade silicone- Nitrosamine Free, Phthalate Free, BPA Free, No PVC- By pressing the bottle, it is used for feeding - Make sure to mania the food well to get the foo..
KD 7.000
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