Beauty Live Ring Light Large

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 High quality LED equipment, no flicker, no light radiation, low heat output, safety and environmental protection.
2. Warm light, warm white light, white light switch, can adjust the brightness, adjust to the most appropriate brightness.
3. Suitable for most devices that support USB port, such as laptop, PC, mobile power supply, USB charger, AC adapter, etc.
4. Widely used in podcasting, live broadcast video, video chat, selfie lighting, makeup, indoor filling lights, portrait, fashion, wedding art, advertising photography, etc.

Material: ABS+ aluminum alloy
Components: 122 LED cold light intensifiers
Lighting: warm and cold light 3500-6000k
Modes: three color light adjustment (can adjust brightness)
Lamp power: 5w-18w
Working temperature: less than 45℃, no hot hazard, safe to touch