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A fierce, cunning Wolf is coming closer to this beautiful and quiet forest step by step. Smart, brave search dogs gather. They are going to do their best to search for all of the animals in the forest and bring them back home. This is a cooperative game, meaning all players work together t..
KD 8.500
Are you ready to learn how to use Chopsticks? Grabbo is very hungry and wants to eat. Throw the dice and help him! Use octopus chopsticks to catch the matching food and put in into your shell bowl. The first one to collect all the different foods win the game. A game of fun a joy for the k..
KD 11.500
My first board game to learn coding. Mysterious outer space will always encounter various dangerous situations. To better cope with possible future crisis, little spacemen have launched a unique game. Use your coding skills to guide your friends escaping out of the complicated maze and win the ..
KD 10.950
The annual "Super Chef Competition" is about to begin, and chefs everywhere are leaping forward. To welcome more guests, they have displayed the skill in various fields of cooking thoroughly. Of course, the chef who gets the most gold coins every year will win the title of "super chef". Come and sho..
KD 9.500
A roll of parchment was found in the basement of the dilapidated house... With the direction shown on the map, the journey starts to look for treasure!This will be the most exciting adventure through the whole life, by the sudoku enlightenment boardgame. A game of logical reasoning, independent..
KD 7.950
Time is an abstract concept while it exists all the time in our lives. What time is it now? Why should we get up at dawn and go to bed at night?Telling time is a board game for kids to learn how to tell time for both analog and digital clock step by step, and more advanced challenges to master skill..
KD 8.500
Do you like to go the grocery store and rollover your trolley?Take a shopping list and watch carefully to be the first to fill your trolley and win the game. A game of memory and calculation.  • Players: 2-4• Age: 4+• Time: 10-15 min.• Dimensions: 20x20x5 cm..
KD 6.500
Failaka is a game of trade, war and tactics. Your goal is to be the first to buy 3 Kuwaiti marine areas, such as: Boubyan Island, Kubbar, Umm Al-Maradim, and others. By collecting ships, building a fleet, and trading with them, and at the same time you are wreaking havoc on your opponent by sounding..
KD 11.950
Tangram is a geometrical puzzle specially designed for beginners. By giving out only outline and dots on game cards, kids use all seven magnetic pieces to form different shapes. You need to match all those dots on game cards that are tips for you. You can follow those tips until you don't need them ..
KD 6.950
Come and unlock these matchsticks puzzles! Move a few matchsticks as title requires. There will be quite different results. Use your brain and solve all the puzzles. An amazing game with magnetic manufacturing pieces. Suits the kids and all ages. This game develops more lot of skills and thinki..
KD 6.950
An evil witch comes to the peaceful town. She turns the residence and objects into pixel blocks with her witchcraft. To restore the peace in the town, the children need to use their magic blocks to save all pixel blocks. Select game blocks from the puzzle card and match its shape with your Loga..
KD 6.950
Kenzi’s Coin Jar: This little bank stores your loose change while keeping track of them- Helps children and adults to control their expenditure and enhance their savings. - Learn to save and accumulate money to use it on an occasion or for a specific need, and estimate its value...
KD 7.500
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