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Concentration: Eau de Parfum

Size: 75 ml

Aventus for Her marks the irresistible feminine counterpart to the legendary Aventus. Our inspiration for this modern womens scent was drawn from some of historys most powerful women empresses, queens, and heads of state, who were Creed clients as well as modern women everywhere who confidently shatter glass ceilings. The Aventus for Her spirit lives in every woman; she is poised with inner strength and radiance and leaves an indelible mark on all she touches. To be near her is to feel the presence of greatness.

A modern twist on an old fragrance worn by kings, the Creed fragrance has a powerful scent that is intensified by the warmth of your own body. Apply in the creases of your skin and neck for longer-lasting, stronger scent that you will love! After applying, avoid rubbing or dabbing skin. This breaks down the fragrance causing it to wear off more quickly. If you prefer placing on your wrists, be sure to reapply after frequent hand-washing, as this tends to rinse off the scent.

Key Features:

Ideal for a variety of occasions

A fragrance that has been widely accepted

Its light, refreshing and can be applied often

fragrance to make it last longer

Key Notes:

Top Notes: Green Apple, Bergamot, Patchouli, Lemon, Pink Pepper and Violet

Heart Notes: Musk, Rose, Sandalwood and Styrax

Base Notes: Black Currant, Peach, Amber, Lilac and Ylang-Ylang

About Creed:

Based in Paris, Creed ( is the worlds only dynastic, privately held luxury fragrance company, founded in 1760 and passed from father to son since then. Today the firm is guided by Olivier Creed, who has recently begun to contribute to the art of making luxurious perfumes. Toward that end, he has recently begun work with his son Erwin, 30, seventh generation and future head of the firm. Creed perfume was first produced in Paris, France over 163 years ago at the request of client Empress Eugenie of France, for whom Creed made Jasmin Imperatrice Eugenie, a fragrance still offered today. Creed also served her husband, Napoleon III. Among other Creed clients at this time are Emperor Franz-Josef of Austria-Hungary, his stylish wife, Empress Elisabeth (Sisi), and Czar Nicolas II.

Queen Victoria appointed Creed official supplier to the British royal court. For her majesty, Creed created the scent Fleurs de Bulgarie by commission. This engaging scent, rich with roses, is available today. Also in 1885, Queen Maria Cristina of Spain named Creed her official supplier by royal order. In the 20th century, not only did royalty including the Duke and Duchess of Windsor choose Creed, but also politicians chose Creed clients. Sir Winston Churchill wore Tabarome from Creed. In America, young Congressman and future President John F. Kennedy wore Vetiver from Creed. In 2010 Creed celebrated its 250th year by opening its only door door to the customer in Manhattan and with the creation of AVENTUS, described as mesmerizing by the New York Times. In 2011 creed will debut Royal-Oud for men and women, with luxurious oud . The luxury perfume will be created from Agarwood trees, most expensive per ounce than palladium. Creeds royal exclusives line will also offer more creations : Original cologne, white flowers.